Update Cheshire Local History Ass.

House of Images are working with the Cheshire Local History Association to create an on line archive for their periodical collection. The digitisation phase of the project has been completed and the website will be available in February.

Update Oxfordshire History Centre

House of Images have completed a project with the Oxfordshire History Centre, utilising House of Images hpac digital asset management software, to create an on line database and website for displaying images and records from the Centre’s oral history and photographic collections. The site can be viewed at www.pictureoxon.com
The centre has more than 400,000 images from the 1850’s to the present, including large collections by Henry Taunt (c1860-1920), Frank and Basil Packer (c1910-1970’s) and JW Thomas (1946-1999

Update Queen's Gate School

House of Images have begun a project to digitise the archives of Queen's Gate School in South Kensington. The archive covers the period from 1891 to the present day and includes magazines, documents and photographs. In tandem with the digitisation HoI will be developing a website to enable authorised users to view the Archive Collection.

Update QEGS Blackburn

New content has been added to the QEGS Blackburn Archive website.The site has also been redesigned to incorporate a searching hierarchy.

Update Europeana Inside

The Europeana Inside project, in which House of Images was a partner, has reached a successful conclusion. Full details of the project can be found on the project website www.europeana-inside.eu

Update Picture Sheffield Redesign

House of Images and Sheffield Local Studies Library have been working together over the last few months to completely redesign the Picture Sheffield website.
The site has now gone live and can be viewed at www.picturesheffield.com. New features incorporated inthe site include an historical map viewer and a ‘Search by Theme’ option

Update Christ College Brecon

House of Images have completed the digitisation of the complete collection of the Breconian, the magazine produced by Christ College Brecon

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