Digital Asset Management (DAM
is the management, organization, and distribution of digital assets from a central repository.
Current Software Range
The core software module is the Management System in which information on images is stored. A range of simple yet comprehensive query facilities allow records to be rapidly retrieved and images can be displayed, with their descriptive texts, in a range of different sizes. Additional features include a carousel for viewing images in a predetermined sequence, a module for maps and video sequences, and a print facility, which enables images to be printed out in a range of sizes with or without their descriptive text.
Also included with the Management System are a set of filters, which allows the importation of information from external databases. Through the use of this facility the Management System can be used to both replace and run in conjunction with an existing database.
Repository and Harvester
The system also has built in a repository and harvester where data can be stored as XML and harvested from the system by third party users such as the Culture Grid who currently have over 90 databases on its system covering the all of the UK and is soon to expand in Europe in 2012. House of Images are partners in this prestigious project.

HPAC DE and HPAC WEB - Overview

HPAC DE and WEB - is a software suite of programs designed to work together or individually for:

In normal use HPAC DE is the back end database which holds all the relevant metadata related to the digital asset. HPAC WEB is the front end which provides users with the ability to search for digital assets and view the assets at a range of sizes, with an option to either purchase or download images.

HPAC DE - is a browser based system for managing digital assets - typically images and similar resources. Because it is browser based, all that PC and Mac users need is standard browser software.
It is the ideal system for organisations requiring highly flexible departmental security options, and the ability for authorised users to upload media and metadata from anywhere in the world, then being immediately available to authorised users on the web or an intranet. Clients using HPAC DE include both local authorities and commercial organizations such as Ordnance Survey.

HPAC DE’s features include: